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China Opportunities for U.S. Companies and Investors

China’s 12th FYP identifies 7 strategic emerging industries as important drivers of China’s social and economic development, including those related to energy efficiency and environmental protection, new generation of information technology, biology, high-end equipmentmanufacturing, new energy, new materials and new-energy automobiles. The strategic emerging industries are targeted for USD $1.7 trillion of investment and are projected to be responsible for 8% of China’s GDP in 2015 and 15% of China’s GDP in 2020.  With 3 of the strategic emerging industries focused on sustainability, the industry opportunities over the balance of the decade should be extraordinary.


GWC has chosen to focus on several high growth areas which we believe are particularly attractive for U.S. companies and investors, based upon their growth characteristics and focus on renewable energy and clean tech.  These cities include Tianjin, Nanjing and Wuhan, forecasted by McKinsey to experience the 4th , 8th and 11th fastest GDP growths in the world, respectively, through 2025.


GWC is prepared to (a) assist Chinese government and other industry stakeholders in these areas attract U.S. companies and investors to their regions, and (b) to assist U.S. companies and investors to identify and execute on opportunities in these areas.