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Information Tools

GreenWorld has developed a set of proprietary information tools and databases that cover the following areas of interest to cleantech investors and operating companies:

Portfolio Enhancement Database (PED): The PED, our flagship information tool, catalogues the investments of over 300 clean tech investors, both financial and strategic, throughout the world. It is supplemented with information on unsponsored cleantech companies as well. Through it, we can analyze the portfolios of active cleantech investors in order to provide highly targeted M&A advice and identify attractive opportunities for directed secondary sales and strategic partnerships. The PED can be of particular value to venture capital or private equity firms that are reassessing their holdings in particular cleantech companies, as well as to strategic investors looking to establish a position in cleantech or enhance their existing position. 

The PED profiles active institutional cleantech investors and the companies which they have sponsored, especially those companies seeking funding. Each company in the database is characterized by over 50 information fields including:
  • target markets
  • technology assets
  • operating history
  • stage of funding
  • future funding requirements
  • location
  • management experience.
This database, combined with our cleantech experience and industry knowledge, enables us to: 
  • identify buyers for equity positions in companies that no longer fit an investor’s investment goals or financial expectations,
  • assist in executing a direct secondary sale of those positions, or
  • discover M&A, financing or strategic partnership opportunities for companies that are underperforming due to lack of critical technology, domain expertise, or market access.
Government Incentives:  The Government Incentives Databse (GID) contains information on federal, state and local incentive programs for which cleantech companies might be eligible.

Renewable Energy Projects
The Renewable Energy Projects database (REP) contains data for the utility-scale operational and development-stage renewable energy projects in North America.

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