GreenWorld Capital, LLC

Capital for a Greener World


Broadly speaking, GreenWorld provides services to two groups of clients—cleantech companies and investors interested in cleantech.

CLEANTECH COMPANIESIf you are a cleantech company, we can assist you in: 
  • raising capital for corporate growth or project implementation; 
  • acquiring a critical asset or disposing of an underperforming one; 
  • positioning your firm for better access to growth opportunities or strategic relationships; and 
  • identifying and securing government funding (federal, state, or local) for which your firm might be eligible. 
INVESTORSIf you are interested in providing capital to the cleantech industry, GreenWorld can show you corporate and project investment opportunities which meet your investment criteria.
Our extensive network of relationships among industry stakeholders—cleantech companies, strategic & financial investors, federal & state government agencies, academic institutions, research laboratories, industry trade associations, legal, accounting and other professional firms focused on cleantech—extends our reach on behalf of our clients and can be a source of significant new opportunities as well.

To discuss our services, please contact Michael Howe (