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Raising Capital

An extensive international group of funding sources including private equity firms, hedge funds, venture capitalists, family offices, corporate strategic investors, and corporate & state pension funds have provided hundreds of billions of dollars of capital to the cleantech industry and are prepared to continue to do so.  In addition, there are government programs, in the U.S. and around the world, that offer grants, funding and financial incentives.  Identifying the appropriate type of funding and determining which capital provider is best for your business needs can be daunting. GreenWorld will manage that process with you to make it as efficient and effective as possible.

Regardless of whether you are a private or public company, we will analyze your needs, based on your firm's objectives, strategy, capital history and funding requirements, then in collaboration with you, we will prepare the marketing materials most appropriate to your financing, contact those capital sources best suited to fulfill your overall business objectives, and finally, negotiate an agreement on the most favorable terms for you.

For public cleantech companies, PIPE (Private Investment in Public Equity) financing offers benefits—such as speed of closing and confidentiality, as well as the potential for increased stock liquidity and sponsorship—to both issuers and investors. PIPE transactions have become the primary structure for raising capital among small cap and mid cap companies over the last decade. The GreenWorld team has extensive experience in the PIPEs arena and is well positioned to assist you in successful execution of a transaction. Please go to our Webinar Series link, under "Current Financing Strategies for Public Companies: PIPEs and Other Alternatives," for more information.

In addition, we have been watching with interest as some newer financing initiatives and existing financing structures evolve to address the needs of renewable energy and cleantech projects. For example, the JOBS act has been the catalyst of teh new crowdfunding-like initiatives while Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs; please click on Senator Chris Coons' proposal on MLPs] and Real Estate Investment Trusts [REITs; please click on NREL for their innovative piece on REITs] are evloving to attract new investors in renewable energy and cleantech projects. 

If you are a source of capital, we understand that you are inundated with business plans and funding requests representing a wide array of corporate and project opportunities, only a very small percentage of which you are willing to pursue.  By developing an understanding of your organization and the types of opportunities you are seeking, GreenWorld can assist in efficiently deploying both your time and your capital. The only opportunities you will receive from GreenWorld are those that we believe meet your investment criteria. 

Please contact us to discuss how GreenWorld can assist you in raising or investing capital.